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Our Connectivity Products

Leased Lines

Our award-winning supplier offers industry-leading SLAs and their advanced infrastructure spans over 3000 exchanges.

You’ll have the ability to flex up your bandwidth for busy periods.  This allows your connectivity to cope in the busier times and for you to not pay the extra in the quieter periods.

What are the benefits?

Dedicated line for your business only

Symmetrical – you can download as much as you upload

Great capacity – perfect for larger businesses

Low latency (minimal delay processing large data)

Highly secure

Full Fibre Broadband (FTTP)

What is it?

FTTP is full fibre delivered straight to your business premise (but it isn’t a dedicated solely to your business, like a leased line).

It is asymmetric, meaning you can download more data than you can upload, and so is an ideal fit for smaller offices.


Improved speeds compared to broadband

Doesn’t require a traditional phone line (unlike broadband)

Ideal as a back-up for your leased line if you are a larger business

Usually easy and quick to install (and doens’t require landlord permission or digging up the road for example!)

5G Broadband

The expanded availability of unlimited data plans from providers has opened the door for businesses to utilise the benefits of 4G/5G connectivity.

Pinnacle’s solution will provide you with a business grade router (Teltonika), which can replace home/office broadband if fibre is not available.

Perfect for:

A back-up for your primary internet connection

Providing internet whilst you wait for your leased line installation

If your office has limited connectivity requirements or alternative options

Other benefits:

Low latency (minimal delay processing large data)

Highly secure

Allows for a larger number of connected devices

Improved speeds

Great replacement for 3G, which is being phased out in 2023 by Vodafone and by 2033 UK wide.

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What do our customers think?

“Our company very much relies on the expertise of the team at Pinnacle - they are always keen to help, a pleasure to deal with and full of innovative solutions”

Panter & Hall

We have worked with Pinnacle for many years and they have helped ensure we keep our telecomms secure and up to date with the changing times. Their support and advice is second to none and they always listen and take on board feedback we have. I enjoy working with the whole team at Pinnacle and highly recommend them”

Totum Partners

“Pinnacle have been our IT support provider for a few years now. Our IT consultant deals with our queries promptly and efficiently”.

Good Corporation

Pinnacle has a unified solution for every business.

To find out how we can help, please get in touch today.

Pinnacle has a unified solution for every business.

To find out how we can help, please get in touch today.