Hudson Sandler


Hudson Sandler is a financial PR firm that was founded by Michael Sandler and Simon Hudson in 1986. When Daniel Lovegrove joined Hudson Sandler twelve years ago, they were managed by BT Direct. Eleven years ago they became a Pinnacle customer through an existing supplier.

Business Expectation

Hudson Sandler felt their telephone system was outdated and becoming increasingly unreliable. They wanted to achieve the following:

  • Simplified management of system
  • Increased functionality
  • Move away from Analogue to VoIP
  • Reduced landline and mobile costs
“Pinnacle is reliable; any problems get dealt with straight away. But more importantly, they tailor your needs.”

Daniel Lovegrove
IT Manager

Business solution

Pinnacle upgraded Hudson Sandler to an IP500 V2 telephone system, providing them with additional functionality such as remote access to voicemail, conference bridges and mobile twinning. Enabling staff to check voicemail or set up conferences when out of the office has increased productivity, while significant cost savings have been made through the move to VoIP.

Hudson Sandler has three employees that regularly travel to Russia. By routing their calls via the telephone system through mobile twinning, Pinnacle has further reduced costs as these users are now charged at a landline rate, rather than mobile.

To reduce mobile costs, Pinnacle put Hudson Sandler on the Vodafone Business Sharer plan – a tariff which enables businesses to share minutes and texts between employees.