Even in this time of cloud-based computing and remote connections, businesses still rely on the capacity and reliability offered by dedicated IT and telephony infrastructure. Pinnacle design and install bespoke systems that meet the needs of your business now and in the future.

Structured Cabling and Data Racks

Reliable, secure and fast, structured cabling is a permanent, high-bandwidth network carrying data and voice traffic to all parts of an office or building. Combined with a range of adaptable Data Racks, this is the nerve system of your business. And each one is unique – Pinnacle engineers tailor the configuration to fulfil your current requirements and anticipate future ones.

Wireless Networks

The capabilities of wireless networks are expanding. The latest protocols offer high-speed connections in excess of 1Gbps, with further increases on the horizon. This heralds exciting new possibilities including enhanced device-to-device connections, efficient mobile working, and anytime, anywhere application access. As experts in the advanced network architecture required, Pinnacle can help you to take advantage of these developments and keep your business ahead of the competition.

Security Appliances

Unwanted traffic, malware, spam and malicious intrusion attempts threaten business networks of all sizes. Pinnacle can protect you and your employees with security appliances from top suppliers such as Dell SonicWALL and Cisco.


Pinnacle can design and supply storage solutions ranging from small office systems through to high speed clustered systems for media centric workflows such as film and television. The systems are scalable and performance for specific workloads can be guaranteed.

All of our solutions are cross platform compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux.

We can also design storage solutions for virtual infrastructures including remote site data replication in Active / Active or Active / Passive configurations that can be tailored to your required RTO / RPO.


Pinnacle works with industry leader VMware to offer powerful server virtualisation solutions. Virtualisation allows physical servers to be consolidated into fewer units, freeing space and cutting costs. Offering high availability and fault tolerance, these flexible solutions also reduce the provisioning time of new servers from days to hours.


Pinnacle supplies software from the industry’s leading providers, including Microsoft, Apple and Adobe. We work with you to establish the most suitable licensing arrangements, as well as helping you to deploy the software quickly and efficiently so you always get the most out of your investment.