Company Update

We are delighted to announce that the business and operations of The Word Telecom Ltd will merge with its parent company iPinnacle Ltd to operate as one company.

Your agreement with The Word Telecom will be assigned to iPinnacle Ltd and the company will trade as Pinnacle.

Please update your records with the following company information:

• Company Name: iPinnacle Ltd
• Trading Name: Pinnacle
• Registration Number: 06679607
• VAT Number: 939752475

Why are we making this change?
Since becoming part of the Pinnacle Group in 2012, The Word Telecom Ltd traditionally managed the Mobile division and iPinnacle Ltd managed the Cloud, Connectivity and IT divisions. We are combining our portfolios, platforms and teams to make things simpler for our customers and suppliers. Our experience and expertise will be shared across the business to enable us to offer a complete solution.

How will this affect you?
iPinnacle Ltd is the parent company of The Word Telecom Ltd and therefore our relationship with you will stay the same. You will still receive the same great service from the team you deal with today.

Company Location
We will continue to have offices based in London, Bristol and Salisbury and there will be no change to the current addresses.

Company Contact Numbers
Please use the current contact telephone numbers for any of the offices as these will remain the same.

Web Address
Moving forwards, we will have one single website, Anyone trying to visit the will be redirected to the Pinnacle site.

Email Addresses
Our domain will become so, for example, will become Existing email addresses will continue to work for a few months.

You will not notice any disruption under your existing contract. Your existing contract will be assigned to iPinnacle Ltd. The Word Telecom Ltd has sub-contracted the delivery of all goods and services to you under your contract to iPinnacle Ltd, to ensure a seamless transition of our service.

Direct Debits
All direct debits will continue to be taken by iPinnacle Ltd.

If you have any questions on the above then please contact Katy Simmonds