The Word Telecom becomes Pinnacle

We are delighted to announce that the business and operations of The Word Telecom Ltd will merge with its parent company iPinnacle Ltd to operate as one company trading as Pinnacle

Since becoming part of the Pinnacle Group in 2012 The Word Telecom has retained its focus on mobile telephony solutions and its own distinct brand entity whilst Pinnacle managed our clients’ telephony, cloud and IT services

As IT and fixed and mobile communications continue to converge, becoming a single company offering access to our comprehensive and cohesive portfolio of technology solutions will offer customers the opportunity to benefit from joined-up, market-leading solutions supported by a single help desk.

We will of course also continue to provide localised support to our clients from our offices in London, Bristol and Salisbury.

All clients will benefit from innovative multi-service commercials and to be able to view and analyse all expenditure on one invoice and via a single billing portal.

We are very excited by the evolution of our total technology service and the benefits that it will offer our customers.

Please look out for further details and information but do not hesitate to contact us on or contact your account manager if you have any queries whatsoever.