BEW Electrical Distributors Ltd


BEW has been active in the electrical distribution industry since 1983 and today employs 240 staff across 18 offices in the UK. In 2011, BEW was looking for a mobile provider which could help them achieve growth while keeping costs down. Its fixed line provider at the time therefore introduced the company to Pinnacle, which has been managing their mobiles ever since.

Business expectation

When BEW approached Pinnacle, the company was hoping to:

  • Reduce mobile costs
  • Grow the company cost-effectively
  • Find a company that would provide proactive account management

“I would happily recommend Pinnacle to anyone based on their customer service, product knowledge and turnaround on jobs.“

Matthew Marven
IT Manager

Business solution

In order to keep costs down, Pinnacle has put all employees on a shared business tariff. Roaming costs have been lowered by putting the Directors on standalone tariffs. Pinnacle is now looking to take over the company’s fixed lines as this will allow BEW to make further cost savings through the integration of fixed and mobile calls.

Pinnacle has exceeded BEW’s expectations. Their Account Manager is quick to respond and ensures rapid turnaround on new connections and handset orders. Business disruption is also kept to a minimum as issues are resolved before it reaches crisis point. And not only has Pinnacle helped the company grow, it has also significantly reduced their costs.